23 January 2020

Collect for those struggling with their gender

 This collect is intended for people struggling with their biological sex in some way: gender confusion, gender dysphoria, or just not feeling comfortable with their identify as male or female. 

20 January 2020

Where to Go for Coffee or Beer with a Toddler in the Twin Cities

Want to meet up with a friend for coffee or a beer, but don't want your squirrely toddler finding "bonus toys" at the cafe or brewery? Check out the businesses on these Google Maps lists!

toddler playing in play area
The play area in Milkweed on Lake Street
kept this toddler busy for nearly two hours.

10 October 2019

Double Green Casserole

Green tomatoes—just what do you do with them?

I embrace that question every fall. This year, rather than matching flavors, I matched colors and added green tomatoes to a green bean casserole. At least one non-family member professed to like it, and seeing as she asked for the recipe, I believe her.